Bilateral spontaneous chylothorax in a newborn and response to octreotide therapy

Md. Nawad Azam, Subrat Kumar Majhi, Baikuntha Narayan Mishra, Ranjit Kumar Joshi, Prabin Prakash Pahi


Chylothorax is an abnormal collection of milky white fluid called chyle in pleural space, and is an uncommon cause of respiratory distress in neonates. There is high morbidity and mortality, if not managed appropriately. Here we report a rare case of congenital bilateral chylothorax presented with respiratory distress in our NICU on day one of life. Thoracocentes revealed chyle on both the sides. In view of high drainage of chylous fluid, besides TPN, Octreotide infusion started and the baby responded well.


Chylothorax, Octreotide, Total parenteral nutrition

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