A comparative study of cord blood lipid profile in term, pre term and small for gestational age - appropriate for gestational age neonates


  • Ramanathan Department of Paediatrics, Government Cuddalore Medical College, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Thivyabharathi Raguraman Department of Paediatrics, Government Cuddalore Medical College, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India




Cord blood lipid profile, Preterm, Term, AGA, Small for gestational age


Background: Cord blood lipid profile in neonates helps to screen for neonatal dyslipidaemia which is associated with long term morbidity mainly cardiovascular disease.

Methods: The present study is a observational study done in government medical college, Chidambaram for a period of 2 years from October-2020 till September-2022 with 222 term and pre-term small or appropriate for gestational age (AGA) neonates using cord blood lipid profile.

Results: In the present study of above mentioned 222 neonates, preterm accounts for 30.1% and term neonates accounts for 69.9%. AGA was 63.1% and SGA was 36.9%. Term AGA was 38.2%, term SGA 31.5%, preterm AGA was 24%, preterm SGA was 5.4%. 

Conclusions: Preterm AGA had higher cord lipid profile values compared to the term AGA neonates. Preterm SGA neonates had lower cord lipid profile of HDL, and LDL as compared to preterm AGA neonates. SGA neonates had higher total cholesterol, triglycerides and VLDL compared to AGA neonates. SGA neonates had lower LDL and HDL as compared to AGA neonates.


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