Benign extra skeletal chondroma of the tongue in a 16-year-old female


  • Bianca Glass Department of Medicine, Kansas City University, Joplin, Missouri, The United States
  • Michelle Mathew Department of Medicine, Kansas City University, Joplin, Missouri, The United States
  • Christopher Reyes Department of Medicine, Kansas City University, Joplin, Missouri, The United States
  • John Irlam Ferguson Medical Laboratories, 1801 W 32nd St, Joplin, Missouri, The United States
  • Samir Dalia Department of Haematology and Oncology, Mercy Hospital, Joplin, Missouri, The United States



Chondroma, Enchondroma, Chondrosarcoma, Oral lesion, Chondrocytes


Chondromas are tumors that result from chondroid differentiation most frequently occurring in areas where chondrocytes are present. Rarely, they can present in soft tissues, such as the tongue. This case report will review the extra skeletal chondroma found on the posterior tongue of an asymptomatic 16-year-old female. Discussed within this case report will include the importance of histopathological analysis in distinguishing enchondroma versus chondrosarcoma and review the malignant transformation rate. Additionally, it will compare the trends of chondromas found in the oral cavity that have been previously published. This case will highlight the importance of recognizing chondromas in unusual places, such as the origin of soft tissues, and emphasize the importance of early diagnosis, surgical intervention and providing optimal outcomes for young patients.


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