Correlation of gross motor function with ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire for assessing locomotion ability in children with cerebral palsy

Palak M. Engineer, Shraddha Diwan, Neeta Vyas


Background: The neurological impairments in children with CP frequently limit walking ability, which is an activity essential for daily life activities & social participation. GMFM is one of the scales available to assess locomotion ability in the activity domain of ICF which has a limitation that it measures global physical ability more than locomotion ability. ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire is a parent’s interview based questionnaire which has good psychometric qualities for measuring a wide range of locomotion abilities in children with CP. So, purpose of the study is to correlate ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire with GMFM for assessing locomotion ability in children with CP.

Methods: A correlational study was carried out at SBB College of physiotherapy, VS general hospital, Ahmedabad with 18 CP children between 6-15 year (8.5 ± 3.5) & GMFCS I, II, III. Children were evaluated for GMFM & GMFCS. A 41 item questionnaire was asked separately to each parent of CP children. Questionnaire score were correlated with GMFM score.

Results: Significant correlation between ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire & GMFM was found (r = 0.878 & P <0.01) using spearman’s test.

Conclusion: Parent’s perception of locomotion ability correlates with gross motor locomotion ability examined by therapist in children with CP having locomotion affection.


ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire, GMFM, Locomotion, Cerebral palsy

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