Anthropometric measurements of newborns


  • C. K. Ramagopal Shastry Department of Paediatrics, A.J. Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore-575006, Karnataka, India
  • B. Poornima R. Bhat Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore-575001, Karnataka, India


Anthropometry, New-born, Ponderal index


Background: Aims and objectives of the study were to record the anthropometric measurements of the new-borns (i) Birth weight (ii) Crown heel length, (iii) Head circumference, (v) Chest circumference, (vi) Ponderal index.

Methods: This observational study includes a total no. of 2050 consecutive live singleton infants born between 28 to 42 weeks gestation in a 1 year period. Anthropometric parameters such as birth weight, crown heel length, head circumference, chest circumference and Ponderal index were recorded.

Results: At term, mean birth weight and lengths were 2800 gm and 50 cm respectively. Similarly mean head circumference and chest circumference were 33.3cms and 31.2cms respectively. As per the study, Ponderal index was 2.2 at term.

Conclusions: Anthropometric measurements obtained provide useful references for the care of new-born in our population. This would ultimately lead to identifying at risk new-borns and help in better management.


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