Ultrasonographic evaluation of clubfoot and it’s correction by Ponseti method: a review

Sumit Chawla, Mallika Gupta


Ultrasound is a relatively simple, non-invasive and easily available, inexpensive procedure for objective documentation of clubfoot correction without exposing the baby to radiation risk. Also with clinical classifications it is difficult to quantify precisely and objectively the degrees of medial displacement of the navicular in relation to the talar head or of the calcaneocuboid joint deformity which can be assessed by dynamic sonography. Ultrasound shows to be a promising technique for assessing deformity & monitoring of clubfoot treatment. Clinical scoring method by Pirani scoring is commonly practiced and quite popular. The validity of this clinical Pirani score could be reinforced if supplemented by sonographic assessment, before and after treatment, to confirm return of normal anatomic relationships between the different bones.


Ultrasound, Clubfoot, Ponseti maneuver, Pirani score

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