Influence of bibliotherapy in reducing the stress among orphan children in selected orphanages of Bangalore


  • Vijayalakshmi M. Department of Mental Health Nursing, Hillside College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



Influence, Bibliotherapy, Stress, Orphan children, Orphanages


Background: India has an orphan crisis. India has about three times the American population living in one third of the space. On the streets, children are disturbingly vulnerable; evil adults will cripple orphaned children in order to use them for works such as sexual abuse, physical violence, begging and many more just for monetary benefits.

Methods: The approach used for this study was evaluative research approach. The independent variable of the study is bibliotherapy for orphan children (10-14 years) and dependent variable is level stress experienced by the orphan children (10-14 years). The structured stress assessment statements were used to collect data and were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: The majority (90%) had moderate stress and (10%) had mild stress in pre-test, whereas (100%) had mild stress in post-test. The overall stress scores of respondents were found to be 53.63% with standard deviation 7.9 in pre-test. The overall stress cores of respondents were found to be 38.24% with standard deviation 7.3 in post-test. It is evident that the obtained "t" value 26.11 is greater than the table value at 0.01 level of significance. Therefore, "t" value is found to be significant.

Conclusions: The present study was attempted to assess the influence of bibliotherapy on reduction of level of stress experienced by orphan children and concluded that there is reduction in level of stress among orphan children after exposure to bibliography. This supports that bibliography is effective in reduction of stress level among orphan children.


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