Published: 2021-10-25

Clinical profile and outcome of pediatric surgical patients in a rural tertiary centre

Sunil Pathak, R. V. Mhapsekar, Neeraj Gupta, Karthik Surabhi, Shruchi Bhargava, Anushka Aggarwal


Background: Pediatric surgery is a sub-speciality involving the surgery of foetuses, infants, children and adolescents. Congenital malformations, trauma and childhood cancers are their three major concerns requiring the focus of their attention. Rural pediatric population in India still remains devoid of such facilities. Little is factually known about the burden of surgical disease globally. Surgical treatment is an essential component of basic medical care and an important means of providing preventive and curative therapy. Pediatrician has a significant role in caring for surgical patients. There is a need to know the spectrum of diseases that warrant admission into the pediatric surgical units. Current study was conducted to find out the clinical profile and immediate outcome of the various pediatric surgical conditions. 

Methods: This prospective observational study was conducted at Vadodara. All the patients 0-18 years, with surgical condition were enrolled in the study. Patients were followed from the time of admission to discharge.  All the clinical data from admission to discharge were recorded and analyzed.

Results: Total 127 (3%) patients were enrolled in the study. Males were 93 (73.2%). One to 5 years 45 (35.4%) was the largest age group folowed by infants 23 (18.1%). Largest number of patients were from Gastro Intestinal Condition 52 (40.9%) and congenital causes forms 83 (65.35%) of admissions. Commonest congenital anomaly was inguinal hernia 23 (27.7%). Complications were recorded in 46 (36.22%) patients. The average duration of stay was 7.7 days. The 124 patients were discharged successfully.

Conclusions: Surgical conditions are important part of pediatric and neonatal care. Management of congenital surgical condition is important to decrease infant and under five mortality and other comorbidities as well.


Congenital malformations, Infants and neonates, Post-surgical complications

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