Risperidone, zolpidem and melatonin to manage insomnia and irritability in a 14 month old child admitted to intensive care

Payal Sharma, Anup Bharati, Nilesh Shah, Avinash Desousa


There is a dearth of literature when it comes to the use of risperidone and zolpidem in very small children (below the age of 5 years). Melatonin has been used in children with sleep problems even at a younger age. There are reports of its use in preschool children and it is available in the form of paediatric drops though usage in very small children has not been documented. This report describes a case of a 14-month old child who was treated for insomnia and delayed sleep onset with zolpidem and melatonin. 


Zolpidem, Risperidone, Melatonin, Insomnia, Irritability

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