Published: 2021-07-23

Effectiveness of video assisted teaching program on knowledge regarding good touch and bad touch among school age children in selected schools of Jodhpur

Rubi Khan, Remiya Mohan, Mukesh Chandra Sharma


Background: The purpose of research was to provide education for every school child about good touch and bad touch so that the child can protect himself in this threatening condition.

Methods: A quantitative approach, pre-experimental one group pre-test post-test only design was adopted to assess the effectiveness of video assisted teaching programs on good touch and bad touch amongst 150 school children, who fulfilled the inclusion criteria at selected government schools of Jodhpur. Non-probability convenient sampling was used to select the samples. Good touch bad touch knowledge was assessed using a structured questionnaire. Data analysis was performed in SPSS version 16 using descriptive statistics and Chi square as well as paired t test.

Results: The study revealed a statistically significant difference between mean pre-test score (16.09) and mean post-test (20.56) score. In pre-test more than one third (39.3%) of children had average knowledge and 8.6% children had poor knowledge, whereas in post-test more than half (54.6%) of children had excellent knowledge and (42%) children had good knowledge. Study further revealed the significant association of religion, total number of siblings and marital disharmony with the pre-test knowledge score.

Conclusions: From this study finding, concluded that a video assisted teaching program pertaining to good touch and bad touch is an effective program in improving the knowledge and awareness amongst the children, which has been depicted in the result, that there was a marked increase in post-test level of knowledge.


Effectiveness, Good touch and bad touch, Video, Teaching program, School children

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