Published: 2021-04-27

Neonatal Listeria innocua sepsis

Senthil Kumar Arumugam, Kaviyarasan Govindharaj, Arunachalam Subramaniam, Ramalingam Rangasamy


Neonatal listeriosis is a potentially life-threatening infection, usually caused by Listeria monocytogenes. It has a high case fatality rate and can cause severe neurological sequelae among survivors. Early-onset listeriosis is caused by vertical transmission through transplacental route, inhalation of infected amniotic fluid or through ascending infection from the vaginal colonization. We report fatal neonatal listeriosis in a 5 day old female infant caused by L. innocua. L. innocua is considered as non-pathogen and only few cases were reported in an immunocompromised individual.


Listeria innocua, Fatal, Neonatal

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