Published: 2021-04-27

Growth hormone deficiency and hypoglycemia: a case report

Thanuja B., Ashok V. Puttappanavar, Meghana Narasimhegowda, Namratha K. B., Prashanth S.


Recurrent hypoglycemia in childhood may be caused by various endocrine or metabolic disorders, of which growth hormone deficiency is a rare cause. A 5-year-old girl presented to us with short stature and recurrent episodes of hypoglycemic seizures. On evaluating for the same, critical sample showed normal cortisol and low c-peptide levels. Neuroimaging ruled out pituitary anomalies. Growth hormone deficiency was diagnosed after GH stimulation test (with clonidine and insulin) revealed low basal and post-stimulation values. Following GH supplementation, no further hypoglycemia was noted. This rare case is being reported to highlight the importance of treating the underlying etiology of hypoglycemia to prevent adverse neurological outcome.


Growth hormone, Hypoglycaemia, Short stature, Hypopituitarism

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