Published: 2021-03-23

Use of antenatal magnesium sulfate for neuroprotection: a survey of national practices

Shivshankar Diggikar, Srikanth Kulkarni, Abhishek S. Aradhya, Praveen Venkatagiri


This web-based cross-sectional survey suggests that uptake of antenatal magnesium sulfate for babies<32 weeks is about 75.2% (67/89) of centres in India, more in private sector hospitals 53/66 (80.3%) compared to public sector hospitals 14/23 (60.8%). A written policy for managing babies<32 weeks is available in 62.9% of units. Adequate facilities were available in 94.3% of units to administer magnesium sulfate. Although there is adequate knowledge (89.8%) about the beneficial effects of antenatal magnesium sulfate, attitude, and practice seem to be the major hurdle in implementation.  


Magnesium sulfate, Neuroprotection, Survey

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