Study of platelet parameters in sick children


  • Varada Vidya Rani Department of Pediatrics, MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Dandupalya, Hoskote, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Ravichandrer Balasundaram Department of Pediatrics, MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Dandupalya, Hoskote, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



Sick children, Platelet indices


Background: Prediction of outcome of a patient plays a key role in the management of PICU. Studies have predicted that platelet parameters are novel predictors of mortality. Hence, present study was designed to assess the accuracy of platelet parameters (platelet count, MPV (mean platelet volume), PDW (platelet distribution width), PCT (Plateletcrit), MPV/PCT, PDW/Platelet count, MPV/platelet count in prediction of mortality and morbidity.  

Methods: Total 66 children requiring admission to PICU, were divided as sick (with sick score≥3) and non-sick (with sick score<3). Their platelet parameters were compared. Platelet parameters were further studied with respect to morbidity and mortality. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 22 version software. Chi-square test was used as test of significance for qualitative data. Continuous data was represented as mean and standard deviation. Independent t test was used as test of significance to identify the mean difference between two quantitative variables.  

Results: Both groups were comparable in terms of age and gender. Significant difference in all platelet parameters were noted in between groups (p<0.001). Platelet parameters and their ratios were significant predictors of mortality and morbidity, with negative correlation to platelet count and plateletcrit (PCT), and positive correlation to the rest.

Conclusions: Simple analysis of platelet indices at admission by haematology counter analysers could give us a great idea in predicting the mortality and morbidity of the children.  


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