Published: 2021-01-22

Study of the clinico-epidemiological profile of children suffering from urinary tract infection

Amit Shandilya, Harish Kumar


Background: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common bacterial infections in children. The diagnosis of UTI is very often missed in young children due to minimal and nonspecific symptoms.

Methods: Hospital based observational prospective study conducted 100 clinical cases age group of 1-month to 14 years admitted in hospital with a probable diagnosis of urinary tract infections that is later confirmed by a positive urine culture.

Results: According to presenting history, maximum patients presented with abdominal symptoms (72%), urinary symptoms (23.0%), followed by respiratory symptoms in 18.0% cases, CNS symptoms (8.0%) and non-specific symptoms in 47.0% cases. Fever was the most common presenting complaint followed by vomiting, pain abdomen, oliguria, diarrhea, generalized swelling, burning micturition, cough, decreased appetite, respiratory distress, excessive cry, chills and rigor, abnormal body movement, yellow color of urine, headache while least common present history was chest pain and joint swelling where 1 case each was found.

Conclusions: UTI is a common childhood illness. Females were more commonly affected than males. Fever being most common presenting symptom followed by vomiting and pain abdomen.


UTI, Females, Fever

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