Immunization status of children 12 to 18 months of age presenting to tertiary care center at Aurangabad, Maharashtra:an observational study

Madhuri B. Engade, Jagannath R. Kakade, Bharatkumar K. Gajare, Nitin J. Adhane, Shivarajkumar R. Koppa


Background: India is off track from set immunization coverage targets. Coverage data helps identify and address weak links. Study conducted to determine the primary immunization status of children and the factors, reasons affecting it.  

Methods: Cross sectional observation study at tertiary care center, Aurangabad Maharashtra. 12 to 18 months’ age children presenting to pediatric outpatient department from September 2012 to August 2014 were enrolled consecutively and assessed for completion of primary vaccination series as per National immunization schedule; sociodemographic details, reasons for partial or non-immunization noted. Chi square test of independence was performed to examine relation between sociodemographic variables and immunization status.

Results: Of 900 children, male to female ratio was 1.4:1, urban to rural 4:1, Hindu to Muslim 2.4:1. 69.2% were fully, 27.8% partially, 3% non-immunized. Coverage for vaccines: BCG  96.6%, 1st, 2nd and 3rd doses of OPV and DPT 95.5%, 94.2% and 91.2%, Hepatitis B 93.6%, 84% and 70.8% respectively, measles 82.2%. Vaccine dropout BCG to Measles was 14.84%. Immunization status was better in urban population, Hindus, hospital delivered children, lower birth orders, higher socioeconomic classes, older mothers, higher parental education and occupation, with immunization card (all with p<0.001). 277 children were not fully immunized as postponed due to child’s illness, lack of knowledge of schedule/ subsequent doses and lack of motivation.

Conclusions: DTP3 coverage is on target, completion of primary immunization series and measles not. Rural, Muslim, lower socioeconomic status populations likely to miss or do not receive primary vaccine series. Knowledge of vaccine schedule is poor.


Immunization coverage, Socio-demographic factors, Dropout rate, Primary vaccine series

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