Evaluation of antibiotic usage on lower respiratory tract infections in paediatric department- an observational study

Stimson Jose, Yogananda Rajashekarachar, Basavanthappa S.P., Bharathi Raghunatha Naidu


Background: Lower respiratory tract infections are the leading cause of death among infectious diseases and responsible for large burden of avoidable morbidity and mortality in childhood. Inappropriate, economically inefficient use of antibiotics has been observed in health care system. The objective of the present study is to identify various lower respiratory tract disorders, antibiotic prescription patterns, average hospital duration and average direct cost of antibiotic prescriptions.

Methods: The present study was an observational study. A total of 110 inpatients fulfilling the inclusion criteria were included. Current diagnosis, treatment chart, length of hospital stay, MRP (INR) of antibiotics on admission to discharge were recorded and analyzed.  

Results: Males are more as compared to females with similar severity of illness. Study states that Bronchopneumonia is highest in the incidence followed by WALRI. Average duration of patient stay in hospital was 5.71days whereas 62.73% were on monotherapy and mostly prescribed antibiotic was Cephalosporin’s. Average cost of antibiotic prescription in bronchopneumonia is INR 1681.94 followed by Walri INR 579.64, bronchiolitis INR 355.68 others INR 1044.9. Majority of drugs were given by intravenous route and Prescriptions are mainly ordered in Brand names.

Conclusions: The present study provides an overall pattern of antibiotic usage in patients. Higher generation antibiotic usages and brand name prescription especially in bronchiolitis & WALRI where there is no requirement, adds to the cost of the therapy.

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