Sociodemographic profile of pediatric poisoning cases

Arpitha B., Adarsh E., Rajanish K. V.


Background: Poisoning is one of the commonest cause of emergency hospital admission in children. The accidental poisoning is seen more commonly in toddlers and intentional poisoning is seen in adolescents. Rapid globalization and increased stress has increased the risk of suicidal poisoning. The accidental poisoning can be reduced by proper education to parents and by keeping poisonous substances out of reach of the child.

Methods: The study was carried out over 18 months. Sociodemographic profile of pediatric cases was studied in department of  pediatrics at Rajarajeswari medical college and hospital. Descriptive study analysis was done.

Results: During 18 month study period, 34 cases were analysed. The incidence was found to be 1.64%. Male:female ratio was found to be 1:1.6. Majority belonged to upper lower class and majority were from urban class.

Conclusions: The importance childhood poisoning with its association with socio-demographic factors were studied and intervention were done.


Pediatirc poisoning, Sociodemographic factors

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