Tuberculosis: a great masquerader


  • Rajeshwari N. Department of Pediatrics, Developmental Neurologist, Head of Child Development Centre, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Savitha A. Department of Paediatrics, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



ATT with steroids, Intracranial mass, Ring enhancing lesions, Tuberculoma


Central nervous system tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most severe form of tuberculosis, accounting for 1% of all TB cases. Intracranial tuberculosis can present as Tuberculous meningitis, Tuberculous encephalopathy, Tuberculous vasculitis, CNS tuberculomas and Tuberculous brain abscess. Here authors present a case of a 10-year-old girl who presented with insidious onset of early morning vomiting, excessive sleepiness with classical neuroimaging findings of intracranial tuberculosis. Authors emphasise that intracranial tuberculoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any intracranial space-occupying lesion with or without pulmonary involvement.


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