Cord lipid profile comparison of newborns of hypertensive mothers


  • Kanwalpreet Kaur Department of Pediatrics, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Karuna Thapar Department of Pediatrics, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Preeti Malhotra Department of Pediatrics, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar, Punjab, India



Atherosclerosis, Cord lipid profile, Hypertensive mother, Newborn screening


Background: To compare the cord blood lipid profile of 100 newborn babies born to hypertensive (Group A) and normotensive mothers (Group B).

Methods: Total 100 newborns were taken, 50 born to hypertensive mothers and 50 to normotensive mothers. 5ml umbilical venous blood was collected, after clamping the cord, from placental side of the cord and sent to laboratory for centrifugation. Serum was analysed for lipid profile by spectrophotometry by siemens dimensional Rxl- Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High density lipoprotein and Low density lipoprotein and Very low density lipoprotein. Comparison of the cord blood lipid levels in both the groups was done.

Results: Cord blood lipid profile was deranged in newborns of hypertensive mothers with Cord TC, TG and LDL being statistically significantly higher than the mean reference value and 95th centile. Cord blood of term newborns of hypertensive mothers had Cord TC TG and LDL being statistically higher whereas only Cord TC being statistically higher in preterm neonates of hypertensive mothers.

Conclusions: Cord blood lipid levels were significantly deranged in newborns of hypertensive mothers. This helps us in providing the target population at risk and cord blood lipid profile of newborn serving as an indirect guide for lifestyle modifications and helping in early intervention and prevention of future coronary heart disease.


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