Published: 2019-10-21

Clinical profile of pulmonary tuberculosis and MDR TB in children at tertiary medical institute

Anupama Vinayak Mauskar, Amrit Gopan


Background: India is the country with highest burden of TB. There is paucity of data as far as Pediatric TB is concern. TB in children directly reflects intensity of on-going transmission of TB in a given community. This study was done including indoor cases of Pediatric pulmonary TB in a medical college hospital, a tertiary care institute in the city of Mumbai. The aim and objectives of this study the clinical profile and outcome of Pediatric pulmonary tuberculosis/MDR TB in an indoor setting of a tertiary care center. It was a clinical observational study in a setting of medical college hospital.

Methods: All admitted children with newly diagnosed pulmonary TB were included in study. A detailed clinical analysis was done. Statistical Analysis Association between two qualitative data was assessed by Chi-Square test, Fisher's exact test for all 2 X 2 tables where Chi-Square test was not valid due to small counts. Comparison of quantitative data measured between two outcomes was done using unpaired t-test. PSPP version 0.8.5 was used for statistical analysis.

Results: Total of 41 patients with pulmonary TB were included in the study, making admission rate of 0.7% of total admission. Three out of 41 children had MDRTB making incidence 7% of total TB patients. Severe acute malnutrition was a major risk factor for dissemination of disease and mortality (p value 0.031and 0.0017).

Conclusions: The study estimates 0.7% admission rate and 7% as incidence of MDRTB in indoor patients. Severe malnutrition was found to be risk factor for dissemination of disease [p value 0.031].


Children, Pulmonary, MDR TB, Tuberculosis

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