Association between iron deficiency anemia and various red cell parameters with febrile convulsions in children of age group 3 to 60 months

Rugmini Kamalammal, Balaji M. D.


Background: Febrile seizures are the most common seizures in children. Incidence is around 2-5% among children of age group 3-60 months. There is variable association between febrile convulsions and hematological parameters associated with iron deficiency anemia in children. Iron deficiency is also associated with many of the behavioural disorders in children. Our study compares the various blood indices and their associations with febrile convulsions in children.

Methods: This is a prospective case control study conducted over a period of one year in a tertiary care hospital. Consecutive fifty children with first episode of febrile seizure in the age group of 3 months-60 months admitted in the institution were taken as cases and fifty children with fever due to other causes without seizures were taken as controls. Various blood parameters were compared among these two groups and statistically analyzed for the outcome.

Results: Our study clearly shows that the Hemoglobin level, MCH, MCHC, Serum Ferritin levels does not show any significant differences between the two groups disapproving the theory that iron deficiency anemia is a trigger for febrile seizures.

Conclusions: We concluded that a strong association between iron deficiency anemia and febrile seizures cannot be proven with these results. A study with a larger population is suggested.


Febrile convulsion, Iron deficiency anemia, Serum ferritin, MCV, MCHC

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