A study of pattern of neonatal infections, socio-demographic correlates; clinical manifestations and bacteriological profile of neonatal infections


  • Bijayalakshmi Jena Department of Pediatrics, Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Peerancheru, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Satyajit Behera Department of Pediatric Intensive Care, Lotus Hospital for Women and Children, Hyderabad, Telangana, India




Bacteriological profile, Clinical manifestations, Neonatal infections, Socio-demographic correlates


Background: In the newborns one of the leading causes of deaths and disease is septicemia. Classical clinical features are absent which poses a challenge for early diagnosis. Hence to prevent the deaths and diseases it is essential to go for early diagnosis and early treatment. Objective of this study pattern of neonatal infections, socio-demographic correlates; clinical manifestations and bacteriological profile of neonatal infections.

Methods: A hospital based follow up study was carried out among total of 140 study subjects with age less than 28 days of life were studied over a period of one year. All these subjects were suspected to have neonatal septicaemia. Detailed history, thorough clinical examination was carried out. Samples were sent for culture and sensitivity. Subjects were followed till the outcome.

Results: Among 2.02% was the incidence of the neonatal septicemia. Females were less affected than the males. Late onset septicemia was less common. Chest retraction was the most common clinical manifestation. Culture positivity rate was 44.29%. Gram-negative organisms were detected in 20 cases (64.5%). Case fatality rate was 17.14%. 41 babies (58.6%) affected by septicemia belonged to low socio economic status. 63 babies (90%) were diagnosed to have septicemia, 3 babies (4.28%) were affected by Meningitis, 2 babies were affected by pneumonia. 49 babies (50%) Belonged to Hindu both in case and control group,12 babies (42.9%) belonged to Buddhist in case group, 16 babies in control group.

Conclusions: Males were more susceptible compared to the female babies as well those with higher birth weight. Late onset septicemia was less common.


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