Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in non human immunodeficiency viruses children on anti tubercular treatment

Archana V., Shafath Ahamed M., Sundari S.


The term IRIS is almost solely used in human immunodeficiency virus seropositive patients who initiated anti-retroviral therapy (ART), the term paradoxical reaction is generally used to describe a clinical worsening of tuberculosis disease after the initiation of antituberculosis treatment. Distinguishing this paradoxical reaction (PR) from disease progression or treatment failure is an important issue in CNS tuberculosis management. Thus, one must keep a watch for neurological deterioration in a child with Central nervous system tuberculosis (CNS TB). We are presenting a case of a non-Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) child who developed TB-IRIS while on anti-tubercular drugs, who subsequently responded to steroids along with continuation of antitubercular treatment (ATT).


Anti retro viral therapy, Antitubercular treatment, Central nervous system tuberculosis Immune reconstitution Inflammatory syndrome, Human immunodeficiency virus, Paradoxical reactions

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