Rett syndrome: a neurodevelopmental disorder

Setu Dagli, Arpita Thakker Adhikari, Mona Gajre


Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation on the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome. It classically presents with neuroregression, loss of purposeful hand use, stereotypical involuntary hand wringing movements, an ataxic gait and acquired microcephaly with a large proportion of patients developing seizures. The authors present the case of a 3.5 year old girl with severe global developmental delay and regression, loss of purposeful hand use and an ataxic gait for 2 years and seizures since 5 days along with microcephaly with involuntary hand movements but no classic wringing movements with no significant findings on MRI and EEG and diagnosed with Rett Syndrome on the basis of genetic testing.


Neuroregression, Microcephaly, MECP2 gene

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