Late onset severe anemia due to rhesus isoimmunization

Hareesh Vardhan Jadala, Pooja V., Raghavendra K., Prithvish C. M., Srinivas B.


Rh isoimmunization usually presents with severe neonatal jaundice associated with anemia needing exchange transfusion and phototherapy. Sometimes babies who have mild or no symptoms at birth may present later with severe hemolytic anemia. In this case report we have described a newborn infant who had mild jaundice initially and presented with severe anemia in the fourth week of life. This case signifies the importance of regular follow up and close monitoring of Rh isoimmunized infants for the first two months for delayed onset anemia.


Anemia, Blood transfusion, Direct coombs test, HDN, Jaundice, Newborn, Phototherapy, Rh isoimmunization

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