A study on the outbreak of dengue fever in a tertiary care children’s hospital in southern Tamil Nadu, India

Belgin Premkumar, Baburaj S., Margaret Hepzibah N., Misha K. P., Binu Abraham


Background: Dengue fever is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world.Incidence has increased 230-fold with increasing geographic expansion with potential for further spread. The rapidly expanding global footprint of dengue is a public health challenge with an economic burden. This study’s objective is to assess the outbreak of epidemic of dengue fever in a tertiary care children hospital and to describe their socio-demographic, clinical outcome and serological profile.

Methods: It is an observational descriptive study conducted for a period of 1 year in less than 12 years old children in a tertiary care hospital at Southern Tamil Nadu.

Results: Among the 360 children admitted with dengue fever, there were 198 boys (55%) and 162 (45%) were girls. Maximum incidence of dengue incidence was seen in infants less than 1 year (25%). The highest number of cases were admitted during September and October. The most common affected age group was less than 3 years with 179 (49%). Among the cases, 297 (82%) were of severe dengue which constitute dengue haemorrhagic fever-183(38%) and Dengue shock syndrome 114 (62%). Serological analysis showed NS1 Ag was positive in 144 children (40%), Dengue IgM was positive in 54 children (15%), both IgM and IgG positive in 126 children (35%) and IgG was positive in 36 children (10%). Out of the total children admitted with dengue fever, the case fatality was 0.5% (2 children).

Conclusions: This study highlights the importance of WHO clinical criteria for early diagnosis of severe dengue. Moreover, the early and intensive management reduces the mortality significantly.


Dengue fever, Dengue haemorrhagic fever, Dengue shock syndrome, Mechanical ventilation

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