Spontaneous tension pneumomediastinum in young child complicating bronchopneumonia successfully managed with high frequency ventilator


  • Muhammad Asif Ghori Department of Pediatrics, Khamis Mushayt Maternity and Children Hospital
  • Ibrahim Al Helali Department of Pediatrics, Khamis Mushayt Maternity and Children Hospital
  • Ibrahim Albenhassan Department of Pediatrics, Khamis Mushayt Maternity and Children Hospital
  • Ahmad Al Qarni Department of Pediatrics, King Khalid University




High frequency ventilator, Spontaneous tension pneumomediastinum


Spontaneous pneumomediastinum means air in mediastinum is usually associated with a sudden formation of pressure gradient between the alveolus and surrounding tissue, resulting from either an over inflation of the alveoli or a reduction of interstitial pressure. Spontaneous mediastinum is predisposed to asthma, respiratory tract infections, or situations reproducing the valsalva maneuver, uncommon in young children but potentially life threatening.


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