Feasibility and efficacy of early KMC in very low birth weight babies receiving noninvasive respiratory care in NICU: is it the way forward in resource limited setting?

Shruthi Purushotham, N. Karthik Nagesh


Background: Objective of the study was to assess the feasibility and efficacy of early KMC in VLBW babies receiving respiratory care in NICU.

Methods: This is a prospective observational study conducted in a Multispecialty hospital with a level 3B NICU.

Results:A total of 19 babies on non-invasive respiratory support and partial parenteral nutrition through PICC line were included in the study. Most of the babies (84%) had birth weight of less than 1250 gm. Forty eight percent of the babies were less than 30 weeks of gestation at the time of commencement of KMC. Average weight gain in our study was 11.27gm/kg/day which was comparable to others. KMC was initiated at an average of 7.91 days of age and the average duration was1.69 + 0.6 hour/day. 84.2% of the mothers did KMC for less than 3 hrs per day while 15.8% of them did KMC beyond 3 hrs per day. Of the 19 babies, 17 of them were on High flow nasal canula Oxygen and 13 of them on CPAP during KMC. Only one baby succumbed to NEC during the study. The most common reason for discontinuation of KMC in the study group was lack of confidence in the mother (31%) which was overcome by constant support from the nursing staff and the family members.

Conclusions:Kangaroo mother care was found to be a feasible and effective method of care of VLBW babies even while on non-invasive respiratory support in NICU.  



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