Pulmonary penicilliosis in HIV negative child simulating pulmonary tuberculosis

Mallesh Kariyappa, Nagabhushan B. M.


Penicillium marneffei (P. marneffei) is a rare human pathogen, unique among species of penicillium by its thermal dimorphism and its propensity to infect the lungs and reticulo endothelial system and to proliferate within histiocytes either in healthy or immunocompromised hosts. Penicillium marneffei is a rare in HIV negative child. Clinical characteristics of study were 9 years old male presented with fever, cough and loss of appetite for 6 months that persisted despite ante tuberculosis treatment. Broncho alveolar lavage showed typical elements and culture yielded the growth of penicillium marneffei. Outcome of this study was child responded to amphotericin and did not relapse on itraconozole prophylaxis. Penicilliosis mimics pulmonary tuberculosis.


Fungal infection, Nonresponse to antitubercular drugs, Opportunistic infection, Penicilliosis

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