Single umbilical artery with antenatally diagnosed umbilical artery aneurysm in a newborn: a rare case report

Ankur Gupta, Dhrithiman Shetty, Prijo Philip


Single umbilical artery (SUA) is a situation when the umbilical cord contains only one umbilical artery rather than normally occurring two umbilical arteries. Presence of a SUA is associated with an increased risk of perinatal morbidity and mortality. This article reports a case of SUA with antenatally diagnosed umbilical artery aneurysm and its significance in a newborn. Histopathology report from site of insertion of umbilical cord to placenta had shown single umbilical artery aneurysm and persistent vitilo intestinal duct, dilated umbilical artery at insertion of the cord at placenta. ECHO report suggested 7 mm ostium secondum atrial septal defect, 3-4 mm patent ductus arteriosus, dilated right atria and ventricle, severe tricuspid regurgitation, severe pulmonary artery hypertension. Karyotyping was reported to be normal. Child had received treatment for congestive cardiac failure and intravenous antibiotics for Klebsiella sepsis. SUA with antenatally diagnosed umbilical artery aneurysm is a rare entity and has to be thoroughly investigated and treated.


Persistent vitilo intestinal duct, Single umbilical artery, Umbilical artery aneurysm

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