Kocher Debre Semilaigne syndrome: a case report


  • Yashaswini K. Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Sri Balaji Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Sunil Kumar Agarwalla Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Sri Balaji Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu




Kocher Debre Semilaigne syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Pseudo hypertrophy, Thyroxine


Kocher Debre Semilaigne syndrome is a rare clinical disorder wherein clinical hypothyroidism is associated with pseudo hypertrophy of muscles resulting in a herculean appearance to the affected patient. It is clinical disorder characterized by prompt reversal of hypothyroidism and pseudo hypertrophy following use of thyroid hormone supplementation. We present a case of Kocher Debre Semilaigne syndrome that presented with delayed milestones and had characteristic features, which reversed following thyroxine supplementation.


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