Acute respiratory distress syndrome in Vivax malaria in children

Amitesh Yadav, Yashwant Kumar Rao, Tanu Midha, Sunisha Arora


Background: Malaria, the most important protozoal disease in humans remains the significant health problem globally. The objective of this study was to study the acute respiratory distress syndrome in children in vivax malaria.

Methods: This prospective study enrolled children with acute febrile illness aged 1-15 years who diagnosed as malaria. Then we searched the children who present with acute (<7 days) history of respiratory distress and fulfill the ARDS criteria.

Results: Among 112 children, enrolled in the study 70 (62.5%) were vivax malaria and 42 (37.5%) were falciparum malaria.21 children were diagnosed as ARDS (The level of PaO2/FiO2 was <200). 42.9% children had ARDS due to vivax and 57.1% due to falciparum. The p-value of 0.039 was obtained denoting a significant association. It was noted that the percentage of vivax and falciparum causing ARDS was comparable. Thus, it showed there is a rising propensity of vivax to cause respiratory failure.

Conclusions: ARDS is an important severe complication of malaria. Previously it was noted mainly with falciparum but now days there is rising propensity of vivax to cause respiratory failure. ARDS in malaria has high mortality so early diagnosis and appropriate treatment with antimalarial drugs can be lifesaving.


Acute respiratory distress, Acute lung injury, Falciparum, Malaria, Vivax

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