Iatrogenic cerebral sinovenous thrombosis - well known but yet under reported


  • Sandeep Karanam Department of Pediatrics, Bapuji Child Health and Research Institute, Davangere, Karnataka
  • Ramesh H. Department of Pediatrics, Bapuji Child Health and Research Institute, Davangere, Karnataka
  • C. R. Banapurmath Department of Pediatrics, Bapuji Child Health and Research Institute, Davangere, Karnataka




CSVT, Oral contraceptives


Cerebral sinus venous thrombosis (CSVT) although rare, there is concern that cases of this potentially treatable condition are missed. The clinical manifestations can be life-threatening and cause long-term neurological deficits. As the symptoms and signs are non-specific, diagnosis is often delayed and may be missed, hence the onus lies on clinician to request for appropriate investigations. Oral contraceptives by inducing hypercoaguable state found to have strong causal association with CSVT.


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