Monophasic synovial sarcoma: a case report and literature review

Ahana Gupta, Monika Choudhary, Neelu Gupta, Sunita Kulhari, Sandeep Pachar


Synovial sarcoma is an aggressive soft tissue tumor which accounts for 7% - 8% of all human malignant sarcomas. Although this tumor generally affects adults, about 30% of reported cases occur in children and adolescents. Synovial sarcoma is the most common malignant non-rhabdomyosarcomatous soft tissue sarcoma in children and adolescents. We report a case of synovial sarcoma presented with pain and swelling in the left knee. MRI of left knee shows 25×54×56 mm soft tissue lesion in infrapatellar bursa. FNAC left knee swelling reported malignant spindle cell tumor. The mass was completely resected in a surgical procedure. In pathological examination of the mass, monomorphic fibroblastic synovial sarcoma was reported. Patient was treated with Ifosfamide and Adriamycin.


Monophasic, Synovial sarcoma, Paediatric tumor

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