Clinicohaematological profile of dengue in children: a hospital based study


  • Irshad Abdul Majeed Department of Pediatrics, Father Muller Medical College, Manglore, Karnataka, India
  • K. Shreedhara Avabratha Department of Pediatrics, Father Muller Medical College, Manglore, Karnataka, India
  • Lokesha R. Gowda ESI Medical College, Rajaji Nagar, Banglore, Karnataka, India
  • Sadia Syeda Department of Pediatrics, Father Muller Medical College, Manglore, Karnataka, India



Children, Dengue, Dengue shock, Encephalitis


Background: Dengue fever is one of the most common arbo virus mediated outbreaks, being reported from different parts of the world. Now as the outbreaks are hitting different geographic locations, different clinical manifestations are being reported recently. The aim of this study is to document varied clinical manifestations and haematological parameters of dengue patients in a tertiary care centre.

Methods: A total 130 cases of any of NS1 antigen, IgM card test positive or IgM ELISA positive dengue patients were included in this observational study. Clinical and haematological parameters were noted and analysed statistically.

Results: Most common clinical feature was fever (100%) followed by headache (51.5%). Atypical features like seizures due to encephalitis was seen in a child with dengue. Seizure were present in 1.5% of cases, two children died due to severe dengue with shock and multi organ failure. In our study 26.92% of patients had thrombocytopenia. The mean Hb was 12.86 g/dl and platelet count was 104202/mm3.

Conclusions: Fever and headache are the main features of dengue. However, one should be aware of different atypical presentations of dengue fever to diagnose and intervene timely. Early recognition of complication and timely intervention are required in the management of dengue cases. 


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