Case report on neonatal renal failure due to prenatal exposure of Telmisartan

Poonam Agrawal, Manas Upadhyay, Rajlaxmi Upadhyay, Saroj kumar Satpathy


Telmisartan is an antihypertensive medication, which acts as an angiotensin II receptor blocker, and has an inhibitory effect on the renin-angiotensin system. Angiotensin receptor blockers(ARBs) are contraindicated in pregnancy (category D); adverse effects have been reported in both animal and human pregnancies, but still pregnant mothers do come with this medication with consequent neonatal adverse complications. We report 2 such cases of adverse neonatal outcomes in hypertensive mothers exposed to Telmisartan during pregnancy.


Acute renal failure, Telmisartan, oligohydramnios

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