Maternal hypovitaminosis D: a cause of neonatal hypocalcemic seizures


  • G. Deepika Department of Neonatology, JJM Medical college, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Chaitali R. Raghoji Department of Neonatology, JJM Medical college, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Ashwini R. C. Department of Neonatology, JJM Medical college, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • G. Guruprasad Department of Neonatology, JJM Medical college, Davangere, Karnataka, India



Hypocalcemia, Maternal hypovitaminosis D, Neonatal seizures, Vitamin D deficiency


Neonatal late onset hypocalcemia is the one which occurs after 72 hours of life. 1,25 (OH)2- vitamin D and Parathormone (PTH) play crucial role in regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in the body. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the gut. PTH promotes absorption of calcium from thick ascending loop of henle and distal tubule whereas it increases excretion of phosphorus. During hypocalcemia, parathormone level shoot up in the body to maintain normal calcium levels. In a patient with poor resources of vitamin D, there is disturbance of Calcium, phosphorus homeostasis leading on to clinical manifestations. Exclusively breast-fed infants without vitamin D supplementation and infants born to mothers with Vitamin D deficiency are at risk to develop Hypovitaminosis D and manifest symptoms of hypocalcemia.


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