Study of morbidity pattern and outcome of patients admitted in paediatric intensive care unit in a tertiary care rural teaching hospital


  • Vijay L. Bhavari Department of Pediatrics, MIMER Medical College, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Deepali A. Ambike Department of Pediatrics, YCM Hospital, Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Neil D. Pawar Department of Pediatrics, MIMER Medical College, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Critical care, Expertise, Mortality, Morbidity, PICU admission, Survival


Background: The care of the critically ill children remains one of the most demanding and challenging aspects in the field of paediatrics. The main purpose of Paediatric Intensive care unit is to prevent mortality by intensively monitoring and treating critically ill children who are considered at high risk of mortality. In the developing countries, there is a scarce data on paediatric critical care. Evaluation of the outcome of medical interventions can assess the efficacy of treatment. This helps in better decision making, improving the quality of care and modifying the future of management if required. This study will also help to study the causes of morbidity and mortality among paediatric age group in our hospital. Aims and Objectives of the study is to evaluate the morbidity pattern and outcome of admissions in the PICU of a rural teaching hospital, and to take measures to prevent morbidity and mortality by improving critical care facilities.

Methods: This was a retrospective study, the cases admitted in paediatric ICU in our teaching hospital in last two and a half considering the estimated sample size. Data will be collected from PICU and Medical record Department. Details will be studied with the help of medical record and will be analysed and interpreted according to the medical record details.

Results: During a period of 30 months of the study, total of 417 patients were admitted in our PICU. Of the total cases studied, Maximum i.e. 180(43.2%) had age below 1 year. The minimum – maximum range of age was between 1 day to 18 years. About 228(54.7%) cases were males and 189(45.3%) were females. The most common diagnosis was LRTI which was observed in 61(14.7%) of cases. The most common system involved was respiratory system which was observed in 101(21.8%) cases. Of total cases studied, 357(85.6%) were discharged, 36(8.6%) had DAMA (discharge against medical advice) and 24(5.8%) expired.

Conclusions: Mortality was low in our PICU. We conclude based on the present study that in our rural set up PICU, with better treatment protocols, skilled expertise/ Paediatric Intensivist we have chances to facilitate the care of critically ill patients giving desirable outcome.


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