Importance of vaccines in children with Down syndrome

Mohanned Alrahili, Ali Binyamen, Fares Al Otaibi, Abeer Abu Alnour, Majd Alsaadi, Shahad Aloufi, Fatima Al Sadiq, Wejdan Alzahrani, Moath Aljabri, Ahmed Alqarni


Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder affecting infants. It is characterized by various morphological features and systemic manifestations. Immune system is one of the main systems affected by trisomy 21, and it dysfunction is the major etiology for the recurrent infections encountered among patients with Down syndrome. Knowledge about immune system defects had made a considerable progress in prevention of infections among those patients, and subsequently decreased the morbidity and mortality among those patients. Many vaccines were recommended to be administered to Down syndrome patients as a means of prophylaxis against potential infections. Therefore, the life expectancy of Down syndrome witnessed a dramatic improvement during the past few decades. The aim of this review article is to discuss the immune system defects in patients with Down syndrome, the types of infections they are prone to, and the vaccines necessary for prophylaxis against these infections.


Children, Down syndrome, Immune system, Infection, Vaccines

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