Spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in neonatal seizures in a tertiary care hospital in India

Shafi Jan M. Shaik, Ezhilarasan Ratnavelu, Umamaheswari Balakrishnan, Prakash Amboiram, Binu Ninan, Ashok Chandrasekharan, Saravanan Ramaswamy, Rajeswaran Rangasami


Background: Seizure is the most common neurological presentation during the first month of life and can lead to adverse long term outcome. The aim of the study was to describe the spectrum of brain lesions identified by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in term babies presenting with neonatal seizures.

Methods: This retrospective descriptive study was done in a tertiary care hospital. The study subjects included term neonates presenting with neonatal seizures admitted in neonatal intensive care unit over a 5 year period, who underwent MRI brain. Data was collected from the medical records and radiology department.

Results:Out of 189 neonates presenting with seizures, 155 underwent MRI brain. Brain lesions were identified in 122 (79%) babies. The most common etiological diagnosis was hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) which was noted in 43 (28%) neonates. The other findings in the decreasing order were encephalitis in 35 (23%), metabolic disorder in 16 (10%), haemorrhage in 15 (9.7%) vascular in 12 (8%) and cortical dysplasia in 1 (<1%) neonates.

Conclusions:MRI identified brain lesions in 79% of infants who presented with neonatal seizures. In accordance with the literature, our studies also revealed HIE as the commonest brain lesion. The diagnosis of neonatal stroke and encephalitis was made specifically with the aid of MRI. MRI showed changes consistent with diagnosis of encephalitis in a significant proportion of babies. We suggest that MRI should be considered as a standard investigation during the evaluation and management of neonatal seizures. 


Etiology, India, MRI abnormalities, Neonatal seizures, Term

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