Clear cell sarcoma of kidney: an uncommon paediatric neoplasm-two case reports and review of literature

Veeraraghavan Gurusamy, Indumathi Karnan, Pappathi Sadagopan


Clear cell sarcoma of kidney is an uncommon neoplasm accounting for approximately 5% of all pediatric renal neoplasms, with a peak incidence between 1-3 years of age. Males are most commonly affected (M:F ratio – 2:1). It is a highly malignant neoplasm with a high propensity than other renal neoplasms to metastasize to bones, hence originally called as bone-metastasizing renal tumour of childhood by Marsden and Lawler. We describe here 2 case reports of clear cell sarcoma of kidney.  


Bone metastases, Clear cell sarcoma, Late relapse, Wilms tumor

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